Who is Crista Luedtke Married To? Accepts Their Sexuality Openly

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Crista Luedtke is an American chef, one of those uncommon LGBTQ+ celebrities who has the courage to be open about their sexuality. In 2008, she contributed immensely to US culture after she tied the knot with Jill McCall, a fellow woman. However, their bond was not rosy, and it ended two years later. 

Who is Crista Luedtke?

Who is Crista Luedtke

Crista Luedtke is a renowned American cook, hotelier, and TV personality. However, after school, she didn’t immediately follow her calling; instead, she went corporate.

However, Crista eventually quit her job at Corning Ware in San Francisco and moved to Guerneville, a sleepy vacation town she wanted to bring back to life. 

Being an entrepreneur, in April 2008, she acquired and renovated a failing resort before opening an amazing boutique hotel called Boon Hotel + Spa with 14 rooms and a zen-like spa.

She established Boon Eat + Drink in 2009, enabling her to put her cooking skills into practice. Since then, she has opened many other restaurants and food places. 

In 2011, she co-founded the Big Bottom Market, which received considerable press coverage, including being named on Oprah’s Favourite Things for 2016. However, she sold out her partnership shares in January 2018.

It had been in operation since this woman founded it, but she later left it for another person, his friend, in 2021.

BROT is Crista’s latest addition to the Boon brand family launched last year (2019). It is a modern German hotel that pays homage to her heritage and parents, who once ran a German restaurant in Wisconsin.

Crista Luedtke’s Partner

Crista Luedtke's Partner

Is Crista Luedtke married to Jill McCall? No, the ex-gays no longer exist. This break-up between Jill McCall and Crista Luedtke was two years after they got married.

Surprisingly, Jill McCall was a licensed family therapist at the time. They were together for about seven years before marrying in 2008.

They were business associates while they stayed together. Their purchase of the former Retreat Resort & Spa on Armstrong Woods Road in Guerneville transformed it into the much-talked-about Boon Hotel + Spa.

Who is Crista Luedtke married to?

Who is Chef Crista Luedtke’s spouse? She is single as of 2024. After getting divorced from Jim McCall, the restaurant owner and entrepreneur decided to concentrate on her profession and personal growth.

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