Kelly Clarkson Embraces Sabrina Carpenter’s Disco Groove in ‘Feather’

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Kelly Clarkson covered “Feather” by Sabrina Carpenter on The Kelly Clarkson Show.

Clarkson’s backing band, affectionately called “My Band Y’all,” kicked things off with the tune’s signature “do-doo, do-doo” intro before the camera panned to reveal Clarkson belting out the lyrics.

She gave the song her all, digging deep into her vocal chops for the grittier pre-chorus while nailing the lighter chorus with lines like “I’m like a feather, yeah.”

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The musicians kept a steady, danceable beat, playing off each other and Clarkson herself for a lively performance. Carpenter originally released “Feather” on Halloween 2021, along with a music video that sparked some controversy for its violence, though played for dark comedy.

The Diocese of Brooklyn even issued a statement condemning the “violent and sexually provocative” nature of the clip. However, Carpenter maintained they had approval to film on church grounds.

No matter the drama, the song comes from Carpenter’s acclaimed Emails I Can’t Send Fwd album, a deluxe reissue of Emails I Can’t Send.

As she told Teen Vogue, the idea of emails she couldn’t bring herself to send inspired the record’s humorous yet bold lyrical direction. “Most of the songs that happened were me going like, ‘Oh, my God, that’s terrible. “I can’t tell that,” she said. ‘But then I say it for three minutes.

Clarkson had no trouble embracing that playful yet daring spirit with her rendition.

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