Was Herbert Ross Gay? His 2 Marriages Depicts Him As A Gay

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Ever heard of Herbert Ross, the famous American actor and choreographer? There’s been talk going around for ages about whether he’s gay. Let’s dig into these rumors, take a look at the facts, and see if Herbert Ross might be gay. 

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Here Is a Quick Answer to The Question, “Was Herbert Ross Gay?”


Despite many people talking for a long time about whether the famous choreographer and director Herbert Ross liked men, there’s no clear evidence showing what he preferred. 

Herbert Ross was married twice, making it likely that he liked women. Even though some people in the theater world thought he might be gay, there’s no solid proof to say for sure what his sexual preference was.

Rumors About Herbert Ross’s Sexuality

Though it was rumored that Herbert Ross, a distinguished choreographer and director, might be gay, it is also claimed by the “old homosexuals of the stage” that he is a homosexual. However, Ross himself never admitted to being gay in public and got married to Lee Bouvier Radziwill.

According to the sources, it is tough to offer solid proof, and it highlights how difficult it can be to talk about someone’s private life without concrete evidence. This subject has been one of interest and speculation for certain people regarding Ross’ sexual orientation. Still, there is no definitive proof of his homosexuality.

Herbert Ross’s Married Life

Herbert Ross married Nora Kaye from 1959 until she died in 1987. Nora Kaye was a famous ballet dancer.

Following his marriage to Nora Kaye, Herbert Ross married Lee Radziwill in 1988. The ceremony took place at the bride’s house in New York. It was performed by Justice E. Leo Milonas, a judge at the Appellate Division of the State Supreme Court, First Department.

Lee Radziwill was Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis’ sister.

These two marriages were important parts of Herbert Ross’s private life. They formed part of his legacy as an accomplished personality in the entertainment industry.

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